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The city of Addis Ababa is undergoing one of the biggest building booms in its history. Navigating through the different residential options to find an adequate unit purposed as a comfortable living space can be overwhelming. Our tailor-made, digital led and grass-root expertise allows you to easily navigate through the different residential options Ethiopia has to offer.

Finding residential-use property

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Finding commercial-use property

The informal and unpredictable nature of commercial-use property transaction in Ethiopia poses various challenges for organizations. Noting the changing parameters across legal, financial, logistical, economic and environmental infrastructures, our custom tailored search services allows buyers, sellers or tenants to make informed, focused and strategic property decisions.

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Geo-marketing Insights

Using digital mapping techniques, we translate our real estate data and expertise to help you synthesize and simplify your marketing efforts. We can analyze demographic, geographic and economical data to organize and display information about competitors, consumption, distribution and more for review and decision making.


Property due diligence


Failing to perform thorough real estate due diligence on your property portfolio can result in big financial problems. Our integrated services combines technical, environmental, sustainability and commercial due diligence services encouraging a materially beneficial effect on the operation and financial value of your real estate assets.

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